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Welcome and thank you for

visiting the "never settle for less tattoos" website.

What can  I tell you about  the shop?

It's a small cosy shop where I try to design one of a kind tattoo

designs for each customer.

You can browse this site to see different style galleries of me

and my team to see what styles we've mastered so you can

get a clear view on what you can expect.

then I request possible clients to schedule an appointment .

This gives us the time to share ideas, refer to examples and get a feel of his/her personality. Having this time and getting this input enables us to

draw up the most suitable tattoo for our clientele.

    Under the 'bio' tab, you can get to know a bit about me ,

    my artistic past and how I got to the point where I am today...

    and get you to read my intro page ;-)

    Hope to see you in the shop one day!

    Enjoy the site​


never settle for less tattoos since 2010.

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