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july 2012

-working on some new flash sheet to upload to the website

- I will take a short break from august 15th till 30th of august. you cn still mail me at that time , but I will not take any appointments at this period. these two weeks are for drawing new stuff for you guys. :)

-I have been in new york , and had the chance to visit several shop , and meet interessting people. also to enjoy the american way of is a picture of me with ami james.

- I also want to thank everyone that promoted me with their friends  and enjoy my inking.

october 2012


-THE SHOP has a new location ,oudburg 68 9000 gent , back to the roots  negeduust gent

-opening  on saturday 3 november

-new flashbook of my art in the shop come check out the new designs


may 2013

-the shop has turned out to be a very good decision, it runs like a train

-within a couple months we will expand on offering piercings,

dermals,strechting with lorenzo devos  aka the needle fairy


December 2013

-We will attend at the hamme tattoo convention in april



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