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1.    Come to the shop
So we can discuss what you would like, where you would like it and bring your ideas forward. If you have any, bring some example pictures of what styles, drawings…anything useful. You will be advised what is possible where and why.You have to come to the shop to get an appointment. We don t make appointments by telephone, 
facebook or email. 

2.    A unique design
If you want a unique design drawn up for you, and only you, you’ll need to pay and advance of 50€. I’ll draw up a design, based on your input and what is possible based on my experience. These drawings are exclusively for you. If you like what you see but want some minor changes done, that is no problem. If you decide on using one of the sketches for your final tattoo, the advance will be subtracted from your final invoice. I’m sure you’ll understand that I need this down-payment to protect myself from people who change their minds and leave me hanging with hours of sketch-work for nothing.

3.    Appointment
If you schedule an appointment and do not show up without proper notification, at least 48 hours in advance, you will lose your advance.If you do not reschedule the appointment you lose the legally have the time of 48 hours to reconsider your choice of placing the tattoo, in that case you can refund your advance. 
If you can't come to your appointment there is no possibility to send someone to take your place, annulations will only be fulfilled by people who are on the list to finish there on going project.


4.    No drinking, No drugs
It is strictly forbidden to show up under influence of alcohol, drugs or even painkillers. This is not to be the spoilsport, it is for your own safety and the quality of the tattoo. If you do, the appointment will be cancelled and you will lose your advance.

5.    Declaration of advisement
Before placing the tattoo, you will have to sign a declaration which stated that you have been advised of all steps you need to take personally to ensure safe healing and guarantee the quality of the tattoo. For this, it is obligatory that you bring card of identity.

6.    Hygiene
Think about your personal hygiene before coming into the shop.This is not only necessary to avoid infection, but it is also pleasant for me. What I do for you…


I’m a licensed shop that ensures quality treatment.
All products and materials used are safe and in accordance with legal requirements. After placing the tattoo, you will receive a guide for aftercare of you and your tattoo.

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